As a contestant on the Ultra Trail Dinarides race I hereby declare that:

  1. I am fully aware of the rules of racing Ultra Trail Dinarides.
  2. I am aware that in terms of competitors I am an actice participant in traffic and must comply with traffic
    regulations. Enrolment to Ultra Trail Dinarides race does not relieve me of any damages or criminal
    proceedings that would follow against me in the case of non-compliance with traffic laws and other regulations.
    In proceedings against third parties, I will not include the Organizer.
  3. I am healthy and health insured, and I feel capable of performing at the event.
  4. I am familiar with the fact that due to the length and unpredictability route possible events could happen that could adversely
    affect my health (injury, illness) and/or equipment (damage/destruction).
  5. I am familiar with the fact during the race, events can occur that may adversely
    affect my final result (eg, stop by the judge, the persons at the checkpoints,
    preventing the passage of the landowner, etc.). I accept these events or combination
    of as an integral part of the race, and for the same, I will not blame the organizers of the race.
  6. in the case referred to in items 4 and 5 I will not raise a civil or criminal case against the organizers
  7. in a case of accident, injury or fraud I will offer help to the needy and fulfill the instructions of the
  8. I will choose a sensible way to complete the race route tracks and I'll avoid dangerous parts.
    During the event, I will not run through farmlands, house yards,
    and I will compete in the appropriate footwear and clothing.
  9. during the race, I will allow organizers to capture and use photos and video footage.
  10. all my data in the aplication and communication are accurate and truthful.
  11. I will compete at my own risk.